Advanced Multimedia 2011-2012


  • Paul Grabowicz
  • Richard Koci Hernandez
  • Jeremy Rue
  • Mimi Chakarova

Course Objective

In this class students will work on multimedia master's projects producing sophisticated websites that use various digital publishing applications and technologies. The projects can range from multimedia presentations using video or audio slideshows to databases and map mash-ups to use of social media, mobile devices and other platforms for delivering content and encouraging citizen participation. The class will be part weekly group discussions and critiques by students and instructors of the proposed master's projects and progress being made, and part guest lectures and reviews of best practices in multimedia journalism. The class is designed to give students an opportunity to apply the technical and conceptual skills learned in other multimedia classes to producing high-quality online journalism for their final master's projects.

Meeting Times

Tuesdays 1-4 p.m. in the Upper Newsroom


Aug 30 - Overview of class

Sep 6 - Review of student master's projects

Sep 13 - Review of "best practices" multimedia stories; draft reporting memo on student projects

Sep 20 - guest presentation by Carrie Ching of the Center for Investigative Reporting, on their approach to multimedia stories; continue review of "best practices" multimedia stories; submit reporting memo to your maser's project adviser and post on this course website under Project Reporting Memos.

Sep 27 - guest presentation by Josh Williams, New York Times, about how the NY Times does multimedia projects

Oct 4 - guest presentation by Brian Storm of MediaStorm on his approach to visual storytelling (via Skype); reports on ONA conference; review of past student master's projects (see these examples); wireframes of preliminary designs due to Richard Koci Hernandez for review

Oct 11 - Skills session on using equipment, lighting, Final Cut Pro X and other techniques - Richard Koci Hernandez

Oct 18 - Formal presentations of student multimedia projects - Bo, Shirley, Kerri, Tyler

Oct 25 - Formal presentations of student multimedia projects - Alyssa, Terria, Ashwin

Nov 1- Formal presentations of student multimedia projects - Evan, Octavio, Caroline

Nov 8 - guest presentation by Amanda Dyer on her Dead Cemeteries multimedia master's project; Formal presentations of student multimedia project by Jessica, Kamila

Nov 15 - guest presentation by Jacqueline Cox, New York Times

Nov 22 - guest presentation by Lisa Pickoff-White on her It Happens at Midnight multimedia master's project

Nov 29 - Overview of design principles - Richard Koci Hernandez

Dec 6 - presentations by students of drafts of final projects