Scraping Data

Tue, Apr 14, 2020

Launch Google Sheets

You can start a new Google Spreadsheet at the following URL:

First, let’s explore the Website for Amador County Health Department.

Type in the following formula to cell A1:

=importhtml("", "table", 1)

Next, let’s scrape a website using Xpath.


When told to, we will type in the following:


Visit Google Collab

We’ll start by using Google Collab at the following URL:

You’ll need to use your Google Account to log in.

Search for the Jupyter Notebook I’ve setup

Click the Github tab, and search for J220-Intro-Coding/scraping_example.

Google Collab

Answer to the Butte example

During the in-class exercise, I will go over how to parse the website to locate the appropriate content. We will arrive at the following together.


To download your files from Google Collab

from google.colab import files