Facebook Panel, exploring content strategy (Guest speakers)

Thu, Feb 09, 2017

A panel of former journalists, who now work as content strategists at Facebook and Instagram, will hold a discussion and answer questions in the Library.

Content strategy is part of the product design team at Facebook, working with engineering and visual designers to create the interfaces people see when they use Facebook. These folks have worked on projects that range from the expansion of the “likes” feature to include “reactions,” Instagram’s new saved feature, the creation of Facebook Live, and Safety Check, a feature people can use to let their loved ones know they’re safe during a disaster.

Panelists will dig into the details of who they are, what they do now, and how they made the transition from journalism to product design. Then we’ll open the floor up for discussion.

Panelists will be:

  • Andrew Prince: Instagram content strategist; Worked at NPR as a science producer and editor
  • Matt Shearon: Instagram content strategist; Worked at American Songwriting Magazine as editor and co-publisher
  • Casey Capachi: Facebook content strategist and former fellow; Worked at Washington Post and CNN Politics; UC Berkeley J-School alum
  • Jasmine Probst: Facebook content strategy manager; Worked at the News Record for University of Cincinnati as reporter/editor
  • Todd Lappin: Facebook content strategist; Worked at Time, Inc., Wired as senior editor
  • Seetha Raj: Facebook content strategist; Worked on News Feed and news quality initiatives
  • Jay Firestone: Facebook content strategy manager; Worked at Worked at Jewish Journal as director of mobile/tech
  • Anna Bloom (Moderating): Facebook Content Strategy Manager; Worked at New York Times, MSNBC; UC Berkeley J-School alum ‘10

In addition, panelists will talk about opportunities for working at Facebook, including its Content Strategy Fellowship which is accepting applications through Feb. 17: http://www.contentstrategyfellowship.com/#the-fellowship

Please bring your resumes and portfolios if you’d like to discuss your work in more detail following the panel.