Evolution of the digital news package

Fri, Feb 05, 2016
What do you remember as one of your first introductions to interactive non-fiction digital storytelling (i.e. a digital news package DNP)? Does it still exist on the web? Do you think there are any takeaways from how it was constructed that could inform your storytelling today? Please write a short paragraph explaining what the project was and where you saw it. Please provide a link if it still exists online. (Submit on BCourses)

Discussion Points:

This lesson will cover an evolution of multimedia storytelling over the past decades. These are links that will be discussed in class. Please view them here and use as a reference.

Dark Alliance

Dark Alliance

Bosnia: Uncertain Paths to Peace

Bosnia: Uncertain Paths to Peace

Life Magazine First Ever Cover Story

Life Magazine

Pedro Meyer’s “I Photograph to Remember”

Pedro Meyer Page

Philadelphia Inquirer’s Blackhawk Down

Blackhawk Down Non-linear page

NBC News Baggage Screener Game

NBC News Baggage Screener Game

SoundSlides Software for producing Audio Slideshows


The NSA Files Decoded by The Guardian

The NSA Files