Final Assignment

Thu, Dec 06, 2018

Final Assignment

The final assignment is a portfolio of work that demonstrates competency in the coding concepts covered in class. You may use work from other similar classes, like data visualization or data journalism, but work must have been produced during this fall semester.

Items in the portfolio must minimally include one or more of the following:

  • Use of JavaScript strings, arrays, booleans, object literals, conditionals, for-loops, functions, or other concepts covered in class;
  • Use of jQuery, or related concepts;
  • Use of D3 charts, even if following a tutorials;
  • Mapping software that used shapefiles, GeoJSON, TopoJSON, KML, or conversions of these formats;
  • Use of a third-party program that required some knowledge of code, such as Tableau, CartoDB, mapping software;
  • Use of databases that required understanding how to convert/sort data between CSV, JSON, or using RegEx for cleaning data;
  • Another relevant use of coding concepts that wasn’t specifically covered in the list above.

To turn in your final assignment, send an e-mail to the instructor with the following:

  1. A written report (a few paragraphs) describing each item in your portfolio, and what you had to do to complete this element. It’s important to describe how you used coding concepts that we covered in class in order to complete the project, even if on a conceptual level.
  2. A portfolio of items either a link (or .html/.zip file) to your portfolio. Ideally, you should host on GitHub or a personal website. If not, then just e-mail me the portfolio package so that I can open it locally on my machine. A solid portfolio should have two-to-four projects. Less is OK if the projects are of significant weight. If they are small projects built using tutorial material, then you should have more. Check with the instructor if you want feedback on this requirement.

Final Project is DUE Monday Dec. 10 by midnight.